At the Bench: Small Parachute Dries

I was re-reading an old post about throwing dries last summer for big Farmington browns (post here).

It was the best fly fishing day of 2017 for me, as there were oodles of fish willing to take small dries, including a 18.5″ brown trout. Here are some of the better fish from that outing.

It made me realize that I’m running low of small parachute-post dries.

So, I am tying some #24 dries with split tails. I’m making them in black (for Tricos) and olive (for BWOs).

It takes patience to make these small flies, but, once you’ve done a few, it gets pretty easy. I use “big eye” dry fly hooks and poly yarn, which floats.

Hopefully, soon, the dry-fly action will start anew. I can’t wait!


6 thoughts on “At the Bench: Small Parachute Dries

  1. Joe, I love tying and fishing small dry flies including parachutes. I have done very well with Marinaro style thorax duns. They’re a little easier to tie than a parachute. Clip the bottom hackle very short and they ride right in the surface film. I like to under size the hackle to keep the foot print right. or a hi viz spent wing Trico try adding adding a few turns of grizzly hackle, ala Charlie Craven. Tight Lines!

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