Reloading and Retying for the Trophy Stretch

We have another blog writers’ outing planned.

With summer travel complicating matters for many, though, it just will be Jamie and I. We will remember to toast the other writers. Likely, there will be more than just one. There also might be bawdy jokes at dinner, but we will see.

Next weekend, we will fish the Connecticut River Trophy Stretch and stay at Tall Timber. To prep, I am readying gear and making flies.

My Euronymphing leader has seen a lot of action. So, I junked it and made a new one. With flows low and the fish more educated, I am stepping down to 6x fluorocarbon.

When needed, I go to 6.5x fluoro. That is still plenty strong, as I landed my PB trout, a 22″ brown, with it, and I do not recall ever breaking off a fish with 6.5x while fishing summer flows.

I’m also reloading the fly boxes with some favorite anchor flies, from #10 to #16, such as Red Darts and Sexy Walt’s Worms.

Those flies, when teamed with small emergers, do well up there. Sizes 20 and 22 seem to be the magic ones for me.


I will have some of the usual dries, such as small Parachute dries and the X-Caddis.

At blog reader Steve’s suggestion, I will take out for a test drive the Iris Caddis.

I have a new experimental stonefly pattern ready to go. Just in case, I also will bring my fly tying gear and materials. There’s something really fun about making up some new flies at the end of the day and just goofing around.

It’s a special stretch of water up there. I am looking forward to the trip!


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14 thoughts on “Reloading and Retying for the Trophy Stretch

  1. Thanks for the update! I will end up there in a couple of weeks. I am trying to decide whether to stay at Tall Timbers or camp at Lake Francis State Park (currently have a reservation at Tall Timbers, but considering cancelling and getting a camping spot). I’m a student so I don’t have a huge budget. Do you know whether either has better access to the Trophy Stretch?

      1. X2. Tall Timber lodge rooms are only $70 a night with air conditioning. Also, consider Spruce Cone Cabins.

  2. I am really looking forward to it, I cannot wait! Glad you will be well armed with knowledge and fly ammo, so I can be there to learn and take some pictures of your fish 😉

  3. Enjoy the trip! I’ll be eagerly awaiting the report and photos. Will be heading up there the 28th-30th, considerably more prepared than the trip last year. Got in touch with Mickey Cunliffe to guide my dad and I on the 29th. Until then I’ll be following your lead and hitting the vise hard. Going to borrow your idea and add some CDC collar walts worms and red darts to my box

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