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We are volunteers. We write for this blog because we love to fish and learn. We are regular folks and work on this blog on the side, for fun.

We are community-focused. This blog is for you, to get you excited about fly fishing, to get you on fish. We read every comment and value your views. We give away 100% of our (modest) profits to charities, such as Casting for Recovery and Project Healing Waters.

We are grateful for you. All of this started as a hobby. But, because of you, it now (gulp) is the #1 New England fly fishing blog and is rated #25 in the world.

We are transparent. We openly share the flies and techniques that work for us. At rivers, we have given away flies.


Jamie Carr: A Mass. DCR Senior Aquatic Biologist, husband, and dad, he is someone who expresses his love of nature and wild fish through fly fishing adventures. His home turf is Massachusetts’ rivers and streams in the central and western part of the state. His Instagram is @immaculate_fins.

Joe Drake: Joe Drake is a Ph.D. biologist specializing in wildlife and ecology and, well, being addicted to fishing. During a hiatus from college, he worked for various federal agencies and universities across the Western U.S. (living out of the back of his truck) for a couple years. Keep up to date with his work at his personal blog, or follow him on Twitter at @fieldbiojoe or Instagram at @fieldbiojoe.

Dave Hyde: Obsessed angler with a penchant for positive attitudes, resource conservation, and knowledge sharing. Extroverted outdoorsman who believes in the value of introducing others to outdoor experiences like fly fishing, paddling, and camping. Available for contact on Facebook here and on Instagram at @greenzero8.

Ashu Rao: A Marine Biology major at UNH and writer for another blog, North River Fly Guys. His Instagram is @a_rao95.

Jo Tango, Editor: His rotating obsessions have included tightline nymphing, steelhead, wet flies, homemade leaders, avoiding stocked trout, articulated streamers, and size 30 dry flies. Works as a venture capital investor, teaches at Harvard Business School, and has a personal blog. Instagram is @blogflyfish.

Joel Watson: A former professional guitarist, husband, fly tying enthusiast, avid fly fisherman, and a passionate outdoorsman. Joel grew up in Maine learning to fish for native brook trout in the Western mountain streams. Joel now lives in Eastern Massachusetts and works in a fly shop outfitting fishermen and selling flies. His Instagram is @stringsandswimmingthings.


We love hearing from you. Comments below blog posts are best, so that everyone can benefit from the dialogue.

Tight lines!


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