Charlie Craven’s Parachute Adams

With small Blue Winged Olives starting to hatch, I’ve been tying small parachute dries down to a size 24. Last time out on the Farmington, after the Trico spinner fall ended, it was the only fly that took fish for me.

There are many ways to tie a small parachute fly. You can use CDC for a wing post and whip finish the fly at the base of post.  I’ve tried a bunch of styles.

My favorite parachute fly uses white poly yarn, as it’s easy to see on the water and the material floats. “Big eye” style hooks help, too. I also like finishing the fly behind the hook eye, as I think it’s more durable. So, after doing a bunch of online research, I found Charlie Craven’s method of tying a Parachute Adams.

To tie a #24 BWO, I alter his recipe:

  • Orvis “Big eye” dry fly hook
  • Micro-fibbets for the tails
  • Olive thread for the body, with some taper
  • White poly yarn for the post
  • Olive dubbing for the thorax (make sure you peek at the fly from below, as that will be the trout’s view of the profile–you want a good-sized thorax)
  • Grizzly for the hackle. I don’t bother with adding both Brown and Grizzly, as the fly is so small anyways
A parachute-style fly is great. It sits lower in the water than a Catskill-style dry, and so, looks more vulnerable. Charlie’s recipe is here.

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4 thoughts on “Charlie Craven’s Parachute Adams

  1. I concur that this pattern is excellent as well as a traditional parachute adams tied to a 22 or 24. Heck, a parachute Adams from #14-24 is a must for my flybox in New England. Works even when you can't match the hatch!

  2. I agree, Anonymous. I often times get hits with the parachute Adams when fishing aren't rising, or when they are rising they will take the parachute then as well. Great fly in my opinion.

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