At the Bench: Parachute Post Dry Flies

I don’t know who invented them, but, I love fishing small dry flies that feature parachute posts. They’re easy to see, float flush in the surface film, and just plain work. I use them at the most pressured spots at the Swift and Farmington C&R stretches. The flies did particularly well during the 2016 drought

A Low-Water Tactic for the Farmington River

I figured I’d contribute my first blog post with something short and sweet that’s currently relevant on my home river. If you’ve fished it or looked at the gauges, you will see that the Farmington is currently flowing around 60-70 cfs, which is what the state considers a natural flow. We all would like to

At the Bench: Syl’s Midge

TL;DR: Syl’s Midge is a go-to wet fly when trout are active but picky. One of my favorites. I first read about this pattern in Dave Hughes’ book, Handbook of Hatches: A Basic Guide to the Food Trout Eat and the Most Effective Flies to Match Them. He rapturously writes about how incredibly effective it