At the Bench: Parachute Post Dry Flies

I don’t know who invented them, but, I love fishing small dry flies that feature parachute posts.

They’re easy to see, float flush in the surface film, and just plain work. I use them at the most pressured spots at the Swift and Farmington C&R stretches.

The flies did particularly well during the 2016 drought at the Farmington. Water was low, fish were skittish, but a small dry from afar did very well.

On Saturday, some #20 to #24 Parachute Post Dries duped quite a few fish (more here). In low-light conditions, they were easy to see.

I tie two color sets: black body/black thorax (Trico) and olive-brown body/olive thorax (BWO). I make them down to a #26, but, I’ve found that the larger sizes do just as well. If I had to pick just one size, it would be a #22.

Here is the materials list, with links:

  • Hook: “Big Eye” Dry Fly Hooks, #20 to #26. The larger eye makes it much easier to put on tippet, particularly on cold days
  • Tail: Micro-Fibbetts. I split the tails. I don’t know if it matters to fish, but, it’s both challenging and fun to put them on. And, showing a different profile to the fish is worth it, IMO
  • Body: UTC Thread, 70 Denier
  • Thorax: Superfine Dubbing. (I have an assortment, which I like because I get a wide variety of colors)
  • Post: Poly Yarn, white. This material floats. White is a color I easily can see
  • Hackle: Standard dry fly hackle, grey. (I bought an “intro” pack that contains four 1/2 capes, which is more economical and affords more flexibility than buying full capes or little bags that contain just one size)

When you see me on the water, feel free to say hello and ask about these flies. I love giving them away because I love making them.


5 thoughts on “At the Bench: Parachute Post Dry Flies

  1. I agree its a very effective pattern. In that hackle pack have you found it to be difficult to find small enough hackle for the size 22 and smaller flies?

    1. Not with the 1/2 skins I bought in that starter kit. The feathers at the neck area are quite small. Plenty of them.

  2. Very nice ties. Its very challenging to tie parachutes that small. Besides the Usual, my most productive dry from 14-24 is the parachute Adams. I do use the sized saddles hackle packs.

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