Fluorescent Orange Flies: They Work

One of the most effective colors in my fly tying arsenal is this: fluorescent orange. That color has worked wonders at the Farmington, Millers and Westfield East Branch rivers. I work with UTC thread to incorporate that color into some of my nymphs. Easy to do so. View this post on Instagram Orange did well

Big Farmington Browns on Dry Flies and Emergers

What a day. Good fish. Many bugs. Farmington. Dry flies. View this post on Instagram Yesterday's 18.5" brown. Took a size 22 Parachute Adams. More at BlogFlyFish.com. #nofilter #righttimerightplace #flyfishing #farmingtonriver #dryfly #thomasandthomasflyrods #orvis A post shared by BlogFlyFish.com (@blogflyfish) on Sep 11, 2017 at 4:06am PDT   It did not start off well. After

At the Bench: Caddis Larva

After hearing about some people at the Farmington who tightline bait, such as meal worms, I decided to play around at the tying bench. Will it hunt? Goofing around at the tying bench. #flytying #flyfishing #euronymphing #orvis A post shared by BlogFlyFish (@blogflyfish) on Sep 9, 2017 at 5:38am PDT Moreover, I’ve had good luck