At the Bench: Shop Vac, Micro Caddis Larva and Al’s Rat

With a no-football Sunday, I’ve got plenty of time to work on replenishing the fly boxes.

First up, is a #18 Shop Vac (a Tim Flager video here). At his fly tying seminar, Tim said that it is a great attractor fly, and he thinks it suggests a Cased Caddis.

Next is the #22 Micro Caddis Larva (video here). I usually use Superfine Dubbing or squirrel for something like this, but I was sold on rabbit dubbing when Tim had us use it. Silky soft and easy to put on.

Tim says that small Caddis Larvae are ubiquitous in the water, even in winter. The pattern uses extra-small glass beads to allow for the fly, as a dropper, to dangle about in the drift.

Last for the day is a #22 Al’s Rat (video here). It mimics a Midge Pupa. I tied a bunch a few years ago. They worked well, and, then, I promptly forgot about the pattern.

I have an old muskrat patch that I purchased from a fly store. It’s a fun fur with which to work: very soft, almost buoyant, with a silky texture.

Tim recommends a curved hook, as midge larvae are curved, skinny and long. I agree. I also love how the hook looks.

I think I can make a few million Rats with that chunk; so, let me know if there are any other fly patterns that use muskrat? Or, ask me for some flies the next time we cross paths.

There you go. Enjoy your Sunday. Go Pats!


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4 thoughts on “At the Bench: Shop Vac, Micro Caddis Larva and Al’s Rat

  1. Bought a 11′ #4 rod ( at show…T&T for 149..) for nymphing this year. I never tried it, and rarely chases trout except some stocked ponds locally. i usually chase warm water and striped bass..but i need more fishing in my life. Trout is almost year round. So I started tying some #18, #16, #14…may try some #20’s since it seems like they are very important go to around here. Got to find a reel to balance that 11′ and will set up a no fly-line system like i’ve seen here..I will keep you guys posted as to my successes and failures…tight lines everyone.

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