At the Bench: Caddis Larva

After hearing about some people at the Farmington who tightline bait, such as meal worms, I decided to play around at the tying bench.

Moreover, I’ve had good luck recently with microtubing. It gives a subtle glow and segmentation to nymphs. During a tough day at the Farmington, an olive larva did well. And, the fish have been very choosy during the morning caddis hatches, and so, I’ve been playing with caddis larvae and pupae patterns.

So, as I started thinking more about tubing, I ordered some more. I posted the above photo on Instagram and was grateful to get replies from three legendary Farmington anglers: Andy Lyons, UpCountry’s Torey Collins and super-guide Zach St. Amand.

Here is Torrey’s reply:

Absolutely, it could pass for 1) Winter/Summer Caddis Larva (Dolophilodes), 2) black Caddis Larva (their Larva are actually yellow), or 3) a yellow Midge Larva (common color).

So, hopefully, this fly, which I’ve tied in sizes 12 and 18, will bring good luck. Easy to do: amber microtubing, yellow thread underneath, peacock herl and a black Sharpie to color the head.

It is very fun to experiment.


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