Fluorescent Orange Flies: They Work

One of the most effective colors in my fly tying arsenal is this: fluorescent orange.

That color has worked wonders at the Farmington, Millers and Westfield East Branch rivers. I work with UTC thread to incorporate that color into some of my nymphs. Easy to do so.

Last fall, a Perdigón with a fluorescent orange thread collar duped my personal best trout, a 22″ brown.

Here is a great video at the Orvis blog. It shows how to tie an October Caddis larva pattern that also incorporates the thread color I had mentioned. I think having some fluorescent orange flies is always a good call, particularly in the autumn, when brookie eggs and October Caddis larvae are in the drift.

I hope this fall that I can meet this fish again–or, a twin of his.

Fluorescent Orange Flies


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3 thoughts on “Fluorescent Orange Flies: They Work

    1. Thanks! Just in the autumn in Maine or year-round?

      Also, have never heard of “down wing” streamers. I rarely throw streamers, and I clearly have a lot more to learn! One of the fun things about fly fishing is that there’s always more knowledge to absorb….

  1. Also called flat-winged streamers. Wood Special very popular in Maine (it works well) and locally I fish a pattern called Moby Dick.

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