Trout Stocking Update, Fall 2019

Fall is a great time to get out on the water. There are fewer people fishing, as many are chasing deer instead. And, the fish can be brilliantly colored. Here are a few memorable ones from the past.

So, a friendly heads-up that MassWildlife has stocked the Deerfield, Squannacook and Nissitissit (current status report here). A private group will stock the Millers on Friday. I suspect the Swift will be stocked very soon.

We have river guides for those rivers, among others, here. Those waters are ones at which you don’t need a guide, IMO: convenient parking, easy wading, and many friendly anglers who usually will help out a new-and-polite visitor.

Connecticut DEEP has been stocking, too (their trout stocking map here). I caught a 22″ broodstock brown at the Farmington one autumn morning (post here).

Fellow blog writer, Ashu Rao, and I are planning a Columbus Day fishing weekend. Stay tuned, and wish us luck!


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10 thoughts on “Trout Stocking Update, Fall 2019

  1. Great post. FYI, no discussion of the Nissitissit and Squannacook Rivers is complete without reference to Charlie Shadan’s Evening Sun Fly Shop in Pepperell (just Google it). It’s a great shop, and no one knows those rivers one-tenth as well as Charlie. He guides them, but also shares intel generously with anyone who inquires. Pay him a visit or call before you head out!

  2. The Swift hasn’t been stocked yet and that is fine with me. I have a few big holdovers that I have zeroed in on, one in an unlikely zone that I have hooked twice and long distance released twice. It is very gratifying to me to catch the trout that have been in the river for a while. Travels today brought me in the vicinity of the Deerfield Fly Shop where I bought some needed goods. Love that little place.


      1. Thanks, Jo. I have been fishing these soft hackle emergers all year that seem to be very effective. At least I have confidence in them. Maybe that is half the battle, the confidence part. Pheasant tail body, thorax of rabbit fur tied within split thread and partridge feather to complete the fly. I’ve used tan, yellow and olive dubbing for the most part. Best, Sam

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