Trout Stocking Update, Fall 2019

Fall is a great time to get out on the water. There are fewer people fishing, as many are chasing deer instead. And, the fish can be brilliantly colored. Here are a few memorable ones from the past. So, a friendly heads-up that MassWildlife has stocked the Deerfield, Squannacook and Nissitissit (current status report here).

Roger Hill’s Stillborn Midge and ‘The Mighty Midge’

Midge emergers did well for me during a fun over-nighter at the Deerfield and Farmington (here). In fact, two patterns absolutely crushed it. At tailwaters, midges hatch year-round. They’re important bugs for trout, particularly when there isn’t a heavy hatch of something else happening. At the Deerfield, a size 24 Roger Hill’s Stillborn Midge was