Lost and Found: Fly Box at the Swift River

I found a small brown fly box floating in the Swift River below Route 9.  There’s no name in it, but there are some nice flies.  See the picture below.

It was well-camouflaged in an eddy on the side of the river, and it looks like it may have been there for a while.  If you lost a fly box on the Swift, please get in touch so that I can return it. I called the local MA fly shops already as well. No luck yet.

I suppose this is a public service announcement to put your name and, even better, your address or a phone number on your fly boxes. If this had a name on it, this box would already be back with its owner by now!

Here’s a brookie pic from that quick trip for good measure,


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8 thoughts on “Lost and Found: Fly Box at the Swift River

  1. Great brookie pic! May I forward this to a guide I know with another blog with many readers (and cliebts) who fish the Swift? I could keep you anonymous until the owner is found and needs to make contact?

    1. I defer to Jamie, but I don’t see why we wouldn’t want to share the post as widely as possible so that the fly box owner gets word?

  2. I would be totally up for that, but I just was contacted by the owner of the box. Pretty quick response once it was up on the blog! Funny as he has only fished the Swift once.

  3. nice thing to do. I commend you. most people keep something like that. I used to get my kids to try to locate owners of soccer balls, baseball gloves, hats, etc. Only got to about half the owners, but better than none. But when they lost something, they realized to value to finding the owner.

    1. That’s a very nice comment, Doug! Jamie is a really great guy, and so, I’m not surprised he posted about the fly box. It’s also part of our blog’s ethos: be good folks, conscientious anglers, and as helpful as possible.

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