Interview: Lance Egan, Team USA

We’ve written a great deal about Team USA member Lance Egan. Among our posts are his uniquely-effective inventions: the Frenchie, Red Dart and Rainbow Warrior. We also wrote about the “Modern Nymphing” video he co-authored and which clearly and beautifully explains Euro-nymphing.

Great news: Lance and his colleagues have a new video stream, “Modern Nymphing Elevated – Beyond the Basics,” coming out April 27 and of which the DVD version will be released in May. You can get a pre-sale 15% discount here with the code “earlybird”.

Best news of all? He agreed to do an interview with us. Here it is!


Tell us a little bit about yourself? Where were you born and raised?
I’m a husband and father. My wife, Autumn, and I have two children. I love to fish. I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and have lived in Utah my entire life. I currently live in Lehi, Utah.


How did you get into fly fishing?
I have been interested in fishing since a very young age. I am the only angler in my family, but have always been captivated by fish.

My parents claim to have caused my fishing frenzy by sitting me in front of an aquarium when I was a baby, and not sleeping through the night. Apparently I’d “ooh” and “ahh” until falling to sleep.  I guess I’ve yet to get over the fish.


Now they keep me up at night as I consider ways to catch more fish and as I anxiously await the next fishing trip.

I got into fly fishing via a friend with a fly tying kit. My friend got a fly tying kit for Christmas when I was 12 years-old or so. He and I spent many hours trying to tie flies, and my interest grew. I obtained my own materials and tools and have been tying since. Fly fishing was limited at that age, but as soon as I could drive I was off chasing fish every spare minute.


When and how did you get involved with competitions and Team USA?
I participated in my first fly fishing event in the mid-1990s. It was a local contest to see who could catch the most fish in a day’s fishing. Next, I entered some ESPN Great Outdoor Games fly fishing events and won two Great Outdoor Games in a row.

I first participated in a Team USA event in 2003 and have been on the team ever since. I’ve experienced consistent success with Team USA and have been a part of much growth with the team.

In the early-2000s, Team USA was trying to place in the top 10 at the annual World Fly Fishing Championships. We’ve since become regular top five finishers and have earned two Team Medals (silver in 2015 and bronze in 2016).

Individually, my highest placings have been bronze medalist (2016) and 6th place (2011) in the world. Domestically, I’m a three-time individual National Champion (2011, 2012, & 2016) and a one-time silver medalist (2009).


What is your favorite river? Favorite style of fly fishing?
I’m not sure I have a favorite river. I love fishing, and I like to fish often, so changing it up on various waters is my preference.

I fish my home river, the Provo, more than anywhere else. It is an amazing fishery, and it is very close to my home. The Provo is usually fish-able 365 days per year, and, so, I spend a lot of time guiding and fishing this river.

Your Top Three Flies?
Isn’t possible to answer. My top flies for where? For which technique? For which species? Lake or river? Small or large water High or low altitude? Which time of year?


Understood, Lance. We also think that other factors are more important than fly selection. So, your favorite fly-fishing moment?
I’m not sure I have a most memorable one. There are many that come to mind.  I enjoy the challenge of each new day of fishing.  I love learning new water and spending time with family and/or friends while enjoying God’s creations.

How do you keep fly fishing fresh and not feel like “work”?
I limit my guiding and often change target species and fishing locations. I just can’t get enough of fishing.

Are you still guiding? What’s the best way for someone to reach you?
I am, but only a day or two per week.  I stay pretty booked with return clients and word-of-mouth advertising, but can squeeze in some new clients here and there.  Facebook Messenger (here) and Instagram DM (here) work best to contact me.

Thank you very much, Lance. Thank you for all you do for so many and for representing our nation.


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5 thoughts on “Interview: Lance Egan, Team USA

  1. Lance’s first video is first rate and I would expect the same from the second. Lots of solid information in his videos, and magazine articles as well as his blog. In my personal experience, trout approve of his techniques and flies!

  2. Great to see an interview with such a fantastic and decorated angler. As for that Laker up top…on a fly…that is awesome!

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