Lance Egan’s Frenchie

My first #flytying love: the Frenchie. HT @lanceeganflyfishing. #flyfishing #euronymphing

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I think it is great that USA team member Lance Egan now works with the folks at As you may know, Egan has invented some amazing patterns, such as the Red Dart and Rainbow Warrior.

The Frenchie also is a pattern that he has propelled. It originated in Europe for competitions and then spread via word-of-mouth. Egan’s version incorporates a very popular color combination, with UV shrimp pink ice dub for the thorax and a red-thread collar.

It basically is a simple Pheasant Tail with some color. But, it uses more durable material for the tail, and it does not incorporate a wing case.

For a long time, the Frenchie was the #1 producer in my fly box, surpassed only last year by the Walt’s/Sexy Walt’s. Add a soft hackle if you want and experiment with different colors.

Here is a video of Egan tying the fly:


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10 thoughts on “Lance Egan’s Frenchie

  1. My #1 nymph, but with just a thread hotspot on a shortshank wide gape hook and copper bead. So simple, so deadly!

    1. Great idea! Any particular thread color? Do you find more takes with copper (as you know, I stick to black for cost savings and having fewer choices to deal with)?

  2. Always hot orange collar, always copper bead. The Egan Frenchie hasn’t produced that well for me. Your mileage may vary.

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