My Top 3 Nymphs

As we head towards autumn, I’ll be readying my tightline nymphing gear. My “dries or die” phase will come to an end. Only the midge hatch will be on, but there’s only so much throwing of #28 and #30 dries on 8x that I can take.

I’ll be restocking my flies and will be sure to have my Top 3 nymphs with me. Some will be quite small. They’re on the list, for I try to pick patterns that suggest bugs that are commonly in the drift:

  • Pheasant Tail or its variants, such as the Frenchie. The Pheasant Tail mimics swimmer nymphs, such as Baetis
  • Midges. Midge larvae and pupae are nearly always in the drift
  • Walt’s Worm or Sexy Walt’s. These are quickie versions of a Hare’s Ear for me. Bulky and buggy-looking nymphs mimic clinger nymphs, like Quill Gordons and March Browns. I rarely tie the H.E., as it takes too much time

Your go-to flies for autumn?


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5 thoughts on “My Top 3 Nymphs

  1. Zug bug (tied slim) for Iso's. RS2.

    I have fished, but never caught a fish on either Walt's pattern. How small do you tie them? How/where do you fish them?

    1. Awesome! It's a very good fly: buggy and has few features to which a picky trout can object.

      Also, consider having on hand also a Sexy Walt's: sometimes the ribbing and hot-spot thread collar are good in case the trout want a modicum of flash but still don't want anything too gaudy.

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