‘Thinkin’ One Through’

Well, if the drought has dampened your plans for trout, there are some amazing videos through which we all can live vicariously.

Up top is another great video from Amelia and Dave Jensen. The pair are famous for being able to spot trout, and they’re clearly amazing anglers, too. 



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3 thoughts on “‘Thinkin’ One Through’

  1. One of my favorite videos of theirs. I try to think my shots through but I'm just not quite to their level yet! Of course it would help if we had that kind of wild water closer to home, we'd get more practice!

  2. Fly-fishing is something more than catching fish. We have to search of trout or something more and spend more time in streams long after sundown too.

  3. Does anyone know of any streams in the North Attleboro area? I just moved here and I'm having trouble finding a place to fly fish. It doesn't seem like there is any public access. Thanks!

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