The Two Walts

I’m always on the hunt for effective flies that also are easy to tie.

I tied up some Walt’s Worms and Sexy Walt’s and have found that they work well. During a recent 80-trout long weekend, the Sexy Walt was particularly effective. I think the pattern looks buggy, has some ribbing, and offers a thread hot spot, which I think is key.

I enjoy tying Hare’s Ears, but they require work: a tail, wing case, two dubbing loops to rope on the fibers. I am finding that the two Walts are just as effective. I use the Walt’s Worm when trout are particularly picky–there are fewer details to which the trout can object. I use the Sexy Walt’s in faster water, so that the trout can easily see the fly. I’m partial to a fluorescent pink or orange hot spot.

So, give the flies a shot. These are great searching patterns, in addition to the plain ol’ Pheasant Tail.


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