2016: a Year for Gratitude

I’m very grateful that I’m able to make the time, and have the health, to fly fish. That may sound premature, but I think it’s prescient. I see many older folks braving the rivers but smartly establish limits. They won’t venture forth when there’s ice on the trails. They won’t wade aggressively into a torrid

Wet Flies at the Farmington River

I arrived at dawn at the Farmington, wondering if the Trico hatch would be on. It was relatively brisk at 53 °F, a big change from just a few weeks ago. I actually felt chilled. There was a modest Trico hatch and just a few fish rising. Later, the spinner fall happened, and, again, only

Ed Engle’s Sunken Trico Spinner

As I’ve written before, I’m a huge fan of Ed Engle. He is the king of fishing small flies. He regularly fishes, and used to guide at, highly-pressured Colorado tailwaters. Why does he fish small flies? “Because that’s what trout want,” he says. I took Ed’s seminar at last year’s Fly Fishing Show and have