Prepping for Tricos

With reports of Tricos starting to hatch on the Farmington, I’ve been re-loading the fly boxes.

Last August, the Trico hatches and spinner falls were ridiculous. One of the best flies was Ed Engle’s Drowned Trico Spinner (prior post with a how-to video here). It features a segmented and thin body from wire, which helps somewhat with submerging it. All I know is the fly did very well last year.

His book, Tying Small Flies, is incredible, BTW.

Here is a shot of one of the flies.


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2 thoughts on “Prepping for Tricos

  1. Good spinner fall and excellent fishing on floating spinners (sz 26) for me yesterday… made it well worth the long drive in the early morning. I hope to get back there later this week!

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