Swift River Steelhead Worm Fly: THE SNACK ATTACK

Hope this post finds everyone healthy and happy as can be given the current situation. At least, we can still get out in the woods. Given that the rain seems to want to keep the rivers all high, I figured you all may want to get a secret fly recipe that keeps the rod bending

Trout Stocking: Links to Reports

Well, the trucks are really starting to roll in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Vermont and NH get going a bit later. Trout stocking is now underway! Stocking trucks are on the move! Half a million trout will be stocked across Massachusetts this spring. https://t.co/ingwsCI5ti You can get daily stocking updates at https://t.co/6xBllrvzev! #MassFishHunt #MassWildlife #DFG #Trout