Trout Stocking: Links to Reports

Well, the trucks are really starting to roll in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Vermont and NH get going a bit later.

For your convenience, here are links to the most recent reports:



7 thoughts on “Trout Stocking: Links to Reports

  1. With a window of time to fish and temps a nice 45 degrees, I decided to try a new small strike indicator tonight after work. Mainly aiming to just practice a bit with it being I don’t generally use an indicator, and have not had a hit in this particular stretch of the river since December. I’ll be darned, action was pretty much non-stop on a bead hare’s ear nymph #14 hung a couple feet below the little cork indicator. I didn’t become a great fisherman over night, so I have to believe the area I fished had been stocked. Regardless, stockies or otherwise, great fun was had with all fish gently released during the hour and a half I was out. Dang, that water is still cold though. My feet were very numb walking back to the truck.

  2. Thanks, Jo. I educated quite a few as to the sting of the hook. Hopefully it will do them good in avoiding the catch and keep fellows. O for 2018, this fishing was quite welcome.

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