Putting in the Time

It seems that over the last couple weeks, the rain just will not let up. Every time the rivers come down, it rains some more. It’s a vicious cycle that will not let up. Regardless, I felt some serious FOMO and had to get out.

I spent most of Sunday afternoon walking until I found fish-able spots. With limited potential to wade, I fished mostly from shore. With overhanging trees and dense brush, casting was a major challenge. I lost several flies to overhanging limbs as frustration mounted.

Eventually, I made my way down to a large pool where I saw another angler. We chatted briefly, and he politely let me fish below him. Over the next hour, I plied the water in front of me without a single bite. I rotated flies, changed depth, and adjusted weight. Nothing.

I felt the pressure mount when I turned upstream and saw the angler land a nice rainbow. I felt discouraged and was about to call it until I saw him leave. With nothing to lose, I moved up to his spot.

On my very first cast, my indicator dove under, and I tied into something big. With a great deal of patience, side pressure, and hastily-muttered prayers, I landed a beauty of a bow. It was consolation for what has so far been a tough month for me. With the limited time I’ve had lately, it felt great to put the heartache aside and celebrate a nice catch.

Over the next hour or so, I only managed a couple more takes and one more in the net. I didn’t care though. It honestly felt great just catching fish out of my comfort zone. Not every memorable day is a high-volume outing. Sometimes you have to struggle. I’m okay with that and, in retrospect, I’d rather pay my dues and become a better angler.


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11 thoughts on “Putting in the Time

  1. Props for getting out despite the high flow, Ashu. I am glad you stuck with it and connected with that beautiful rainbow. You know, even the Swift is close to 300 CFS last I heard with water coming over the dam now. Amazing amount of rain, and last night snow, since the end of July. I am hoping to hit Bondsville for a few hours on Sunday, first time fishing in three weeks if it happens. I don’t even care if I connect, just being out will be nice.

    1. Thank you Sam! That’s the mindset I’m going in with my next time out. I’ve already accepted that the season is almost over so I’d like to make the last trip or two count whether or not I land/stick any fish. Good luck out there today and let us know how you do. Tight lines!

      1. Most of the most rewarding outings for me have come during low-probability conditions. I’ve learned the most during those times. My goal: just one take. Everything else is a bonus.

          1. Ashu, I got out for a couple of hours yesterday (Sunday). I’ll tell you, what a different stream with the high flow! Not much action, but did connect with a nice one on a royal coachman streamer just dangling down stream below me in quiet water that it settled into. The trout immediately headed to the fast flow and was long distance released, though line was kept tight.

            Happy Thanksgiving to you, and I hope you get out again before real winter sets in. If you do fish the Swift again, be prepared for mighty fast water.


            1. Hey Sam, glad to hear that you connected. I was on the swift today and you’re right about the high flows. It is a completely different river now than it was this time last year. I enjoyed the challenge and got rewarded for my effort.

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