Many Laughs and Many Fish

Fly fishing is amazing. Fly fishing with friends is even better.

I’ve said that before, and I really mean it. Today, Alex, Ashu and I got together. What was supposed to be a half-day ended up being much longer. There were many laughs, many fish, and a few tears when fish popped off.

Ashu and I have been fly fishing in earnest since 2014, and Alex started up in 2015. So, no one is at a point at which he considers himself an expert, but we all want to learn more and do better.

I hit the river parking area before dawn and was the fourth car in. Thanksgiving week is a popular time to fish. I got to the river at first light, and the other guys rolled in soon thereafter.

We were fortunate to get into fish all day and at various spots. I had a multi-species outing and landed a few dozen, I think. Much of that is because the three of us collaborated, shared flies and advice, and rotated spots. Team work makes the dream work!

It was an unexpectedly high-volume outing for us. For me, the highlights included seeing some landlocked salmon (we did a good job, I think, of not targeting actively-spawning fish and not trampling on redds).

I also landed an amazing ‘bow, which I think is the prettiest fish I’ve caught all year. Corpulent, healthy and with a very unique pink hue. Here are some unfiltered photos.

Moreover, at one point, we landed quite a few fish and had that particular stretch to ourselves for hours.

I had to bail mid-afternoon. Alex and Ashu, being incredibly persistent fish hawks, kept going.

When I got home, Alex sent a picture that is emblematic of complete and total piscatorial victory: a large landlocked salmon. Neither Ashu or I landed a salmon, and we all took care to minimize foul-hooking. We wanted a “real eat.” Alex’s fish was fair-hooked, and I’m so happy for him.

Ashu and Alex, thank you for your genuine friendship and generosity. You’re great guys, and it’s a privilege to be your friend.

Last, a very Happy Thanksgiving from our blog team to all of you! We really appreciate your support and encouragement.

Peace and blessings to you and your families.


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8 thoughts on “Many Laughs and Many Fish

  1. The feeling is mutual Jo! I always enjoy fishing with you and the other guys. I learn a lot and there is never a shortage of good laughs. Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Congrats on the good action! What flies were working and how crowded was it? I fished Bondsville yesterday for a couple of hours, but got no action on soft hackles and streamers.

    1. Each of us had our go-to flies. For me, a scud pattern did well. Traffic was moderate, surprisingly. Very high flows, FYI, for those nervous about wading.

      1. Different flies seemed to be working above route 9 than below. Gray scuds were by far the best performer below. Above, the usual midges and even eggs produced. I went above rt 9 for a bit towards the end of the day and I got into a brookie and LDR’d a couple bows on a disco midge.

  3. Thanks for the fly recommendations, fellas. I like my solitude when fishing, but if I ever want to connect with a salmon I will see if I can find a slot to fish in the upstream Swift.

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