Cloudy Day at the Deerfield

I fished the Deerfield on Sunday. It was a low-volume day.

In fact, I did not hook a single fish in the first three hours. I tried all types of water, rotated flies, and adjusted weight, with only a handful of misses to show.

Also, to make matters worse, Fife Dam released water an hour into my trip and 4.5 hours ahead of schedule. I continued fishing, but the off-colored water made it tough. I decided to switch spots.

Luckily, the flows receded soon, and the fishing turned on. Over the next hour or so I went one-for-three, all rainbows. My only landed fish of the day was huge. What it lacked in acrobatics, it more than made up in tenacity. Much side pressure and multiple failed landing attempts later, I landed one of my best fish of the fall, a 17″+ brute!

After releasing that fish, I took it all in.

This fall was one to remember. I enjoyed high-volume days, beautiful weather, and good company. Sunday was not my most favorable or productive day, but it was by far my most rewarding.

Winter is fast approaching and the fishing is slowing down. With some tenacity and willingness to switch flies, you can catch that last big fish of the season.



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10 thoughts on “Cloudy Day at the Deerfield

  1. Fife Dam released water ahead of schedule. A reminder why I don’t make the 1.5 hour trip up there! Glad you were able to persist and finish on a high note.

      1. Thanks Steve! I think they released the dam for hydroelectric power generation or a lake drawdown upstream. The high flows lasted for just about 1 1/2 hours.

  2. Beautiful. Love reading posts like this.

    For me, there are three types of perfect fishing days: the all day long skunked day, the all day long high volume day, and the trophy fish day. The latter can be a short or a long day, depending on when I land the big one; I’ll just quit after that, knowing it won’t bet any better that day.

    Those three types describe all my fishing days, so I guess any outing is a perfect fishing day for me.

    BTW, blessed with a year long fishing season in MA, my last big fish of the season will hopefully be the one I catch just before they put me in the grave.

    1. Thanks Kmac! I agree, any day on the water is a great day. On some days I like to go for numbers and on others, I enjoy working hard for that one or two big fish. Makes fishing more enjoyable and interesting in my opinion

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