At the Bench: the CDC WD-40

Early in the season, when Hendricksons are in the water, a size 16 WD-40 has done well for me at multiple rivers. This fly did very well for me during a recent outing.

I usually make the thorax with squirrel for a spiky look and add a touch of Krystal Flash on top of the wingpad, too.

Krystal Flash has greatly increased take rates for me. I think the material suggests an air bubble. I’ve used different colors, but pearl has been best.

Now, though, I am making the thoraxes from CDC fibers. I’ve been using the tips to make some new size 30 midge flies and have a bunch of leftover feathers. So, a variant.

Here is the materials list, with links:


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4 thoughts on “At the Bench: the CDC WD-40

  1. Nice tie. Ever try polish quills for the body? They make really nice segments.
    How do you present this fly?

    1. Thanks!

      I do strip peacock herl at times and use that as the body for flies.

      I fish this up top or below the surface (both dead drift and on the swing), depending on where I think the fish are focused.

  2. I second Steve’s comment on polish quills. Much easier than stripping herls and they come in different colors. With UV resin it makes a killer segmented body.

    I like the CDC on this – did you catch with it the other day?

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