A Re-Visit

I went back to the Farmington to finish what I had started. When my “Contact” rod snapped, I cut short my outing.

So, with my trusty Sage ESN, I paid another visit. The goal was to carve out a morning, which meant that I awoke at 2:30 am.

There were no bugs popping, as this was during one of those cold, windy and rainy days that the recent heat wave has nearly erased from my memory. The trout were hunkered down and holding tight behind underwater rocks and boulders. They were in no mood to chase anything.

But, they fed opportunistically. I ran into an assortment of wild fish, holdover browns, hatchery rainbows, and a Survivor Strain two year-old.

Fortunately, I ended up having a high-volume half-day. I think near double-digits, but I wasn’t counting. The best of the bunch was this 17″ brown with big shoulders and a kype. It looked clean to me.

There was no Magic Fly. An assortment of anchor nymphs that have worked before (see here) produced. It was all about approaching the fish with stealth, if possible, and a good drift at the depth where they were holding.

I’ve learned a lot from Andy, Damon, Torrey and Zach. I’m grateful for their help and that I can fish such an incredible river.


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8 thoughts on “A Re-Visit

    1. Yesterday, was around the permanent TMA and below it. Not sure where they will be in coming days, since I’m new to the hatch. FWIW, water was 55 °F at dawn and 60 °F by high noon.

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