A Personal Favorite: Stoneflies

I saw this great post from Team USA member Lance Egan.

As I’ve written before, stoneflies patterns really work. I really like the old reliable, the Pat’s Legs. They’re classic “guide flies”: easy-to-make, and they work.

I use variegated chenille and make two color versions: black/coffee and black/yellow. Some days, the fish prefer a darker fly. On other days, they want something brighter, and so, I like having both on-deck.

If you Euronymph, these patterns when tied with tungsten beads are great anchor nymphs year-round. If you’re partial to indicators, they also work, if tied with regular beads.

I’ve found that brown trout in particular go for the Pat’s Legs. So, consider having some on hand as we all prep for spring.


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10 thoughts on “A Personal Favorite: Stoneflies

  1. Agree wholeheartedly on their effectiveness. Have outfitted all the other stonefly patterns I have ever tried from Maine to Mass.

  2. Interesting that he also has two mayfly nymphs and a midge larva (or maybe caddis?) in his hand, too. Says something about the selectivity (or lack thereof) of trout… he could have “matched the hatch” with at least two other insects.

    1. I had the same reaction. It reminds of blog reader Steve’s comment a while ago, that many flies work if presented at the right level of the water column without drag, that the most effective breakthroughs recently have been about presenting flies (I would put Euronymphing on that list).

  3. This is a great write-up! I love using stones out west but they have never worked for me here locally. I have no idea why.. I try them on most outings! I really want to collaborate with you Jo, have a top secret idea for a fly that I’m not sure how to begin on.

  4. That is a darned good match to the stonefly! The trout thought so too, which is what really counts. Great picture of what the trout eat, both small and large. Tying a fly like that little worm with antennae interests me to give that a try.

      1. They did, Jo. Thank you! I sent a snail mail note to your address to let you know I got them. Those are tiny, Jo….not in my tying wheelhouse so I greatly appreciate them.

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