Day Off at the Androscoggin

I took a trip to the Androscoggin yesterday. The section I fished is wild trout water and is not stocked. I started in a side channel of the river, and immediately landed two small bows and many fallfish in the first pool. The guy across from me even caught a nice bow on a wooly bugger. Once the action slowed there, I decided to move to the main section of the river.

The water here was a long stretch of riffles. The fish sit in the riffles this time of year so I looked for any soft spots in the current. I wasn’t there long before I hooked into a nice fish that got off quickly. After that, nothing. I dropped my nymphs into every likely seam and behind every rock without a bump for two hours. The windy and clear conditions made it tough out there.

I then decided to make my way back to the side channel to get out of the wind. I walked downstream to the confluence of the side channel and the river. Immediately, I noticed a nice seam where two currents came in. Within a couple casts, I had a hit. I proceeded to go 1 of 5. These fish fought harder than any stocked fish I have ever hooked. They knew the river and immediately headed for the fast water and cartwheeled all over the place when hooked. I’ve heard people compare the wild bows in this stretch to landlocked salmon and even steelhead! I can’t back the last comparison. If it’s true, I want in.

The action stayed hot as I made my way up the side channel. I landed 3 bows here including my best of the day (a chunky 15+ in. fish). It ran downstream, jumped twice, and pushed my 9 ft 5 wt to the limit. No amount of side pressure could budge it and I was forced to chase it downstream. After landing this fish, I took one more on my way back to my car. Although I lost more fish today than I landed, that one big fish made it all worthwhile.


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11 thoughts on “Day Off at the Androscoggin

  1. Sounds like a great day, Ashu. I am happy you got some good action on the wild trout. Here’s hoping that we get some good rain next week. We sure do need it. Best, Sam

  2. Great post. I was wondering what the season is like for fishing the Androscoggin. I have been reading mixed stuff. Honestly, the different rules and regulations of all the various rivers can be pretty unclear in general!

    1. Thanks Jacob! To answer your question, the Andro is like any other freestone stream; the best seasons are in spring and fall. Summer fishing can be OK in the early/late parts of the day from what I’ve heard but the trout head for the deep holes (some in excess of 50+ feet)! The year round area runs from the Sawmill Dam in Berlin down to the NH/ME border. It is permanent c/r with barbless single hook artificial lures and flies. If you want more detailed explanations on the hatches and patterns to look for this time of year, hit up North Country Angler and Dan’s Fly Shop, both are very reliable sources.

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