Using Old Feather Stems

I save old feather stems, as they make for a very unique-looking body on nymphs.

So, I have an old plastic sandwich bag in which I place stems. Eventually, I get to using them. Today was the day, as I’m reloading with Perdigones. I was thinking of fishing this morning, but just couldn’t rally.

I don’t know if the above fly will work, but, it is worth a shot.

Here is the materials list:

Bead: Black tungsten, 1/8″
Hook: Orvis Tactical Czech Nymph #16
Thread: UTC 70 black
Tail: Coq de Leon
Body: Coq de Leon stem
Collar: UTC 70 fluorescent pink
Coating: Loon UV Finish Thin
Wingcase: Black Sharpie

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2 thoughts on “Using Old Feather Stems

  1. Looks tasty to me. Look up the Breadcrust Nymph pattern to see how Ruffed Grouse Feathers are used. Old PA nymph pattern.

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