At the Bench: a Pheasant Tail Bubble-Back

Experimenting. Small Pheasant Tail with UV Finish bubble-back #loonflyfishing #orvis #flytying #euronymphing

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I learn a great deal from all of you. I read every comment.

So, when, blog reader Steve described his #1 fly (here), I decided to experiment.

Up top is a size 16 simplified Pheasant Tail with an orange-thread collar. I added a bubble-back with some Loon UV Finish Thick. It’s the same stuff I use for Perdigón flies. It adds weight and a subtle shine to the fly. It also suggests an enlarged thorax, which is a strike trigger (cf. Ed Engle’s Tying Small Flies).

Am looking forward to fishing this fly. Thanks, Steve, for the heads-up!


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