First Time on Dries this Season

A morning outing yesterday. I managed to find some rainbows, including one that taped at 18″. It was a true beast.

But, the most fun came from catching brookies on dry flies. I really enjoy tightlining, but it was a welcome sight to see wild fish rising. So, I put on a small X-Caddis and that did some good work. I’m making some of the bodies these days from twisted-together CDC and letting a bunch of the fibers stick out.

After things went quiet, I started to skitter the fly, and that triggered more strikes. Some of the brookies actually leapt out of the water! Some rainbows also took dries.

I hope you all are enjoying this weekend. The daylight period is getting longer, and the bugs are more active.

Good times….


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4 thoughts on “First Time on Dries this Season

  1. To my mind nothing beats dry fly fishing. The best time of the fishing year right now with all the hatches and fishing rising to them. That rainbow is indeed a beast. I bet it fought like crazy too. I have had some tremendous aerial displays this year from rainbows. Keep up the good work with this blog. Regards, Sam

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