I think one of the best blogs about fly tying is PlanetTrout. His detailed photos are pretty incredible, and you can scroll through so many posts and learn much. His old photos of his family are very touching.

A post he wrote about Midges in 2013 is very thorough. He clearly is very experienced.

I’m not sure who is behind that blog, but he clearly has fished a great deal and knows how to make beautiful and effective flies. Clearly, the blog is used to document so many great family and fishing memories.

Whoever he is, I hope he stays healthy and can continue to fish for a long time.


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4 thoughts on “PlanetTrout

    1. Saw the biopic about your mother, the incredibly-talented Hollywood superstar Susan Hayward. You gave such an amazing and heart-felt interview about her!

  1. PlanetTrout – love the blog as well, and, the pic’s you “dose” the monthly thread on FlyTyingForum with 🙂

    Thanks for the education and ideas!

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