Midge Pupa

With fishing not in cards for a while due to schedules, it has been fun to engage in fly fishing while not actually fishing.

So, I peruse my Instagram feed, which is full of fly tiers. I read some fly fishing blogs. I also recently went through my fishing log and noticed that one fly last spring did extremely well. So, I’ve tied a few up to get ready for spring fishing. For a reason I don’t know, a more pronounced emerger, such as the WD-40, does better for me in early summer.

Here is the list of materials. I do add a small drop of Loon UV Finish Thin on the head to strengthen the whip-finish knot. So simple, yet so effective:

Hook: Tiemco 2488H size 20. This is a heavy-wire hook with a 3x gape. The gape is important for better hooking power for such a small fly

Body: UTC 70 olive-brown

Ribbing: Extra-small gold Ultra Wire. I do about three wraps. Might be coincidental, but when I add many wraps to add more segmentation, I get fewer takes

Thorax: Peacock herl. I love this material. Is iridescent and has fibers that move when underwater. I use a stem with shorter fibers and attach the herl to the hook so that the fibers are sticking up


3 thoughts on “Midge Pupa

    1. Both. But, as the fly has no weight, a dry-dropper with this fly only works if the water isn't too fast and the dropper length is short, as fish are feeding just below the surface.

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