A Midge Pupa Variant

More size 20 midge pupae. #euronymphing #orvis #flyfishing #barbless #flytying

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I just received in the mail some new materials. For fun, I decided to make a new experimental fly, a variant of a midge pupa. Super-easy to make.

I use the trusty Tiemco 2488H size 20 hook. It is small so that picky fish are more willing to take it. The wire is a heavy gauge. And, I love the 3x gape that really holds onto fish–I’ve lots quite a few fish on small hooks with narrower gapes. I put on the stretch tubing and lightly dub a thorax. I want some fibers crazily sticking out to add movement to the fly. A spot of UV resin goes on to strengthen the head, and that’s it.

Let’s see if it catches fish!


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