Flies I’m Making Now

With the daylight period shrinking, my early-to-rise habit sometimes translates to fly tying. So, this morning, I was wide-awake at 4 a.m. After checking work email and drinking some coffee, I decided to kill some time to await the opening of the gym.

I decided to make some flies.

We are in a time of the year when bug hatches are waning. So, I decided to focus on attractor nymphs. These are flies that don’t mimic an exact bug, but, instead are suggestive and have some strike triggers. So, I made up some Walt’s Worms. These have been go-to flies for me. I use them to nab picky fish, and I’ve found that the Walt’s also is a great searching pattern when I’m on new water. I use Hare’s Ear, both in natural and black. I add some fluorescent thread for a collar. Easy to tie. I can pump out these flies pretty easily.

And, here’s my version of the Mop Fly. I ordered some materials and have decided I’ll give them a go.

What flies are you buying or making?


9 thoughts on “Flies I’m Making Now

    1. Go to the dollar store Mike. You can get car rags, dust mops, etc for a buck a piece, and each will tie you hundreds.

      Although I hate shopping there, Wal-Mart does have the best selection if colors, also dirt cheap.

      Then just a size 6-12 hook (big style is nice) with a slot bead.


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