Flies I’m Making Now

With the daylight period shrinking, my early-to-rise habit sometimes translates to fly tying. So, this morning, I was wide-awake at 4 a.m. After checking work email and drinking some coffee, I decided to kill some time to await the opening of the gym.

I decided to make some flies.

We are in a time of the year when bug hatches are waning. So, I decided to focus on attractor nymphs. These are flies that don’t mimic an exact bug, but, instead are suggestive and have some strike triggers. So, I made up some Walt’s Worms. These have been go-to flies for me. I use them to nab picky fish, and I’ve found that the Walt’s also is a great searching pattern when I’m on new water. I use Hare’s Ear, both in natural and black. I add some fluorescent thread for a collar. Easy to tie. I can pump out these flies pretty easily.

And, here’s my version of the Mop Fly. I ordered some materials and have decided I’ll give them a go.

What flies are you buying or making?


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9 thoughts on “Flies I’m Making Now

  1. San Juan worms, Griffiths Gnats and Soft Hackles. Where did you get the
    materials for the mop fly?


    1. Go to the dollar store Mike. You can get car rags, dust mops, etc for a buck a piece, and each will tie you hundreds.

      Although I hate shopping there, Wal-Mart does have the best selection if colors, also dirt cheap.

      Then just a size 6-12 hook (big style is nice) with a slot bead.


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