First Time with a New Fly Rod

I had some work meetings in CT, and so, had a chance to hit the Farmington. I wanted to fish with my new Syndicate 10′ #2. Within a few casts, I was lucky to hit the 18″ brown below.

It took a size 20 soft hackle. The fish was hooked just on the outside of the mouth, and I feel lucky that the hook held.

The fish sprinted away upon release.


It was a great way to break in the new fly rod.


Last, the stockies went wild for the purple streamer I tied up earlier this week. I’m not that familiar with streamers. Perhaps, any streamer color would have worked on new stockies?<

Nevertheless, it was fun to feel the takes. I lost a few when they popped off the barbless hook. But, I’m fine with that. I’ve gone all-barbless, as it’s much easier on the fish and easier for me to extract hooks. It’s also required in certain areas of the Farmington.


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10 thoughts on “First Time with a New Fly Rod

    1. So, my other rod is a 11' #3 Sage ESN.

      This 10' #2: feels much lighter, has a significantly more sensitive tip, but threw dries very well, which surprised me. The fighting butt section felt like a 4-wt. (the Sage feels like a 5-wt.). It was more than adequate to handle the fish I landed.

      I really like both rods, but each has a markedly different feel from each other. I think I will use the #2 on smaller waters, but it did just fine on the Farmington.

    2. Syndicate also loaned me their 11' #3 to try. I like it, but I strongly prefer their 10' #2. Just felt better in the hand.

      Part of it could be that I truly like my Sage 11' #3. I'm so used to it. It's my first Euro rod, and I love it. As they say, you always remember your first one.

  1. Get there as often as you can in the next month, MDC is about to cut their share of the flow and that will surely kill the Farmington as we know it. So get in your last licks, I wish I could get up there to say goodbye to some of the big fish I have gotten to meet on that not-so-long-ago amazing river.

    1. There is also a minimum height for the reservoir since it supplies water for a very large population. That minimum is out the window this year, the reservoir has never gotten this low. Ever. If it drops bellow a given minimum height, which it almost definitely will unless we get either a major hurricane or a powerful nor-easter, the flow will be cut.

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