New Stocking Schedule

MassWildlife has launched a new stocking update tool.

It will provide updates daily, and you also can look at a map version. It also now states which trout species was stocked. You previously had to wait until Friday at 12 noon, and there was no map. You also didn’t know what fish were being put in. You also can search for a stocking update by name of the water, town, or district.

It’s very cool. So, here is the link.


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6 thoughts on “New Stocking Schedule

  1. It is nice to know that a local stream has been stocked but I am not sure we need up to the minute reports on the stocking. I was fine with the old method. If you wait a week or so the fish get distributed throughout the river system and starting acting like trout. If you like fishing for aquarium fish then I can see how this link it useful.

    1. I actually find it valuable, for I now will avoid those newly stocked waters. Fishing near folks who catch and keep trout is a big bummer for me, but that's just a personal hang up I have.

      The map feature is cool, though. It seems to show actual stretches of the various rivers where they stock. You need to go to the map view and enlarge it. Don't know how accurate it is, but it's good that the agency is trying new stuff, IMO.

    2. After responding earlier I believe I have come to the same conclusion. It is valuable in that I know where not to fish and when.

      I don't have a problem with the catch and keep crowd as long as they are following the regulations. However I do have a concern that it could make the catch and keep crowd more efficient which means less fish getting distributed throughout the system and less chance of fishing holding over.

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