Group Trip to the Farmington River

Orvis Dedham is organizing a group trip to the Farmington. They’ve reserved a block of rooms at Legends B&B, which is right on the water. I’ve stayed at Legends and am a big fan. 
The Farmington is an incredible but huge river. Half of the fish are wild and wily brown trout. My personal best was landed there: a 21″ wild and gorgeous brown.

I think that going with a group would be fun and can ease you into the incredible challenges and opportunities there.

Here are the details, and you can call them at 781-329-7214:

Come fish and stay with us May 9 to 11 on the Farmington River in CT. We will be staying at the newly opened lodge “Legends”, which is located literally on one of the best pools on the whole river. 

We feel the Farmington is one of the best wade fishing options within our local area and planned this trip to coincide with some of the year’s best fishing. This will be set up as a self guided trip with our Fly Fishing staff coming along to offer tips and help along the way.  

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to fish one of the best rivers in New England and stay riverside! 


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12 thoughts on “Group Trip to the Farmington River

  1. Do you work for Orvis? Seems like a very Orvis centric blog these days. I enjoyed your blog and appreciate the work it takes to produce, but guess I cannot appreciate the advertising. One thing to review a product, another to sound like a spokesman, unless you are and that would be fine for you, just not for me. Hope you find your way back to your blog roots.

  2. Am not. Am a member of Friends in the Field, but I am very conscious of what I post and not post. I've written Orvis stuff often before I was a member of FITF. Feel free to read or not read what you want, just as I am free to write what I want for a non-revenue generating blog.

  3. Keep up the blog as you see fit. I find it very refreshing and especially good as it focuses on New England. I do like your equipment reviews regardless of my personal preferences and prejudices!

    1. No worries! It's cool and it's actually good to have explicit discussions about this. I know I write a lot, and so, I looked up old emails and dates and wanted to convey:

      – March 13: A reader named Jaime emailed me saying he would love to see more Gear Reviews. So, I've been trying to write more of them, and since I own a great deal of Orvis stuff, they naturally are a big part of the mix

      – March 14: Orvis accepted me into the Friends of the Field program, about which I blog openly. As I wrote in the blog post, I get a discount, but they don't ask their members to do anything. As a reminder, this program is offered to guides, wildlife staff, conservationists, etc. In fact, I have heard ZERO from Orvis Corporate since being in the FITF program. They're really not trying to "buy" advertising or to influence me in any way, I can promise you.

      – Before March 14, I had written about Orvis gear, videos, etc., 20 times. Since then, there have been 6 posts in which they're mentioned. So there is an uptick, no question.

      – But, know that nearly all of the gear about which I've written I already owned before Friends in the Field. The only item about which I've bought with my discount is the H2 fly rod.

    2. Regardless of whether or not you think there are too many Orvis posts (which I don't personally…), this is just calling attention to a good public event.

      I'm gonna see about going to this. Thanks.

    3. I really appreciate that comment, honestly, for that's *exactly* why I wrote the blog post. The Farmington is a ridiculously productive river, but you have to know where to go. I have put in quite a few hours to get to know it.

      So, when I saw this event in their newsletter, I decided to write about it, for I thought this would help people ease into it.

      Honestly, most of the "regulars" at the Farmington are great, but there are always a few who look down on newcomers. One guy, for example, saw my Mass. license plate and made a joke about how "people should get the hell off of my river." He laughed. I laughed. And, I though he as an a-hole.

      And, yeah, Legends B&B is a great spot. It is right at Greenwoods, which is one of the best dry fly pools on the river. I love staying there. I've written about Legends a few times, and, for the record, I get no special discount when I stay there.

      That's not what this run-by-volunteers blog is about.

    1. Have never fished it during the Hendrickson season. Will do so now and hope to run into some serious hatches. I hear that it's an enormous number of fish rising when the hatch is on, and it's only then that you get a glimpse as to how many fish are in that river.

  4. Hand up. This is Jaime. Can definitely vouch for this post. Also, heading up to the Farmington next weekend and hoping to get lucky with the weekend weather and some good Hendrickson fishing.

    1. Enjoy the Farmington! It's massive, which is both good and bad. Definitely hit up the guys at UpCountry to get their 2 cents on spots and if you need any flies or gear. Torrey and Grady there are really awesome guys. It's a fantastic fly shop.

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