A Packable and Waterproof Rain Jacket

Have a rain jacket ready.

With the spring rains upon us, I want to emphasize that some of my best fishing days have come in the rain. Trout are less cautious when it’s overcast, and, they put on the feedbag when rain starts. And, there are fewer anglers out, which is a plus.

I remember an amazing afternoon up in Pittsburg, NH. I was doing OK, not great, duping trout with some nymphs.

Suddenly, the sky darkened and a cold rain started to fall. I took out my Orvis Encounter rain jacket, put it on, and kept fishing.

I hooked a fish, and big ones, on each and every cast. I landed seven as I recall in quick order. Same flies, same techniques. It just happened to start raining.

So, I often bring with me a jacket that I can roll up and put in the back of my chest pack. I’ve had a few but really like the Orvis Encounter: it’s packable, comes with a hood, and there’s a patch pocket that fits a box of flies.

Mine is pretty beat up now, but it continues to hold up well. So, I actually look forward to fishing in the rain.



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