Wild Trout in Massachusetts Near You

RM Lytle fishes nearly every day. So can you.

wild trout in massachusetts

The pictures of wild brookies and other species on his blog are beautiful. And, he seems to fish mostly near his home. So can you.

Blue lines are everywhere. DFW has gone through the trouble of identifying cold water fisheries, which you can access here.

Moreover, the Squan-a-Tissit TU chapter has published online the DFW criteria and some local waters. I’ve reproduced the document at the bottom.

Happy fishing! Chances are that wild trout in Massachusetts are near you.



Below is a list of the waters known to have cold water fisheries resources (CFRs) in the Nashua River Watershed. This list is a subset of a list provided by Todd Richards of Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.

  • Asnebumskit Brook
  • Bayberry Hill Brook
  • Bow Brook
  • Brown Brook
  • Burnt Mill Pond Brook
  • Catacoonnamuag Brook
  • Chaffins Brook
  • Cobb Brook
  • East Wachusett Brook
  • Easter Brook
  • Fall Brook
  • Fallulah Brook
  • Gates Brook
  • Goodrich Brook
  • Gulf Brook
  • Laws Brook
  • Locke Brook
  • Malden Brook
  • Mason Brook
  • Mine Brook
  • Mulpus Brook
  • Muschopauge Brook
  • Nissitissit River
  • Pearl Hill Brook
  • Phillips Brook
  • Quinapoxet River
  • Reedy Meadow Brook
  • Rocky Brook
  • Scanlon Brook
  • South Meadow Brook
  • South Wachusett Brook
  • Squanacook River
  • Still River
  • Stillwater River
  • Trapfall Brook
  • Trout Brook
  • Unnamed Tributary to Wyman Pond
  • Unkety Brook
  • Unnamed Tributary to South Meadow Pond
  • Unnamed Tributary to Wekepeke Brook
  • Unnamed Tributary to Carlson Brook
  • Unnamed Tributary to Chaffin Brook
  • Unnamed Tributary to Flat Pond Brook
  • Unnamed Tributary to Lemerise Brook
  • Unnamed Tributary to Monoosuc Brook
  • Unnamed Tributary to Pearl Hill Brook
  • Unnamed Tributary to Trapfall Brook
  • Unnamed Tributary to Willow Brook
  • Walker Brook
  • Warren Tannery Brook
  • Wekepeke Brook
  • Whitman River
  • Willard Brook
  • Worcester Brook

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8 thoughts on “Wild Trout in Massachusetts Near You

    1. I have not visited every single one, and so, will guess that it varies, but most will have roads crossing near or above them.

  1. I guess my question is better asked, does the state own the stream and high water line or does it fall under private property? I’m not familiar with Mass law. I know it varies state to state.

  2. Rutland State Forest off Prison Camp Road has a ton. You can easily drop in a canoe or kayak as well. Some very good open areas on edge on as well My dog used to eyeball them and jump in to try and grab them! Of course not when anyone is fishing there! He did not catch any, but I have pulled some porcupine quills out of his beak and he was scared shitless of a moose once!

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