Grant Figura: Streamer Fishing Season!

Grant Figura is an expert angler, photographer, and fishing guide. I have long followed his blog. He also was kind enough to be willing to write a guest post about streamer fishing. Here it is.

Fall is upon us and with it brings some of the best streamer fishing in New England. I love this time of year because it’s a chance to catch some huge fish on some of my favorite rivers.

I fish the EB of the Westfield and the Deerfield River almost exclusively using streamers this time of year. The brown trout in these rivers are phenomenal predators and they want something substantial to go after. So a little insight on what to throw in the upcoming fall conditions:

1. When the water is low on the EB, Swift, or even the Deerfield, I use a silver/gold bead head olive bugger with a light brown tail with white hackle. It is the single most important streamer that I tie in the fall. Size 12 or 14, not too big. You want this to be an accessible fly that doesn’t sink too fast. Oh, and everything hits it. Browns, brookies, rainbows, it’s a favorite for sure.

2. The second go-to streamer is for the big browns on the Deerfield. It is used right after a rainstorm or the dam gets released. When the water rises, it’s time to break out the six wt. and throw a heavy fly both you and the fish can see. This is, after all, sight fishing. A gold cone headed black bodied streamer with a white tail and some flashing does the trick. It stands out in the water and those hungry bruisers that cruise around in late October / November will thank you for it. This one ranges from size 10 to 16.

3. The Muddler Minnow, what a classic. Always a go-to when there’s a deep pool and cloudy water. Use a gold cone head with red flashing and a white tail. Size 14 or 16. A brown trout favorite.

4. Orange Sculpin: This is a beast. I like to use rubber tubing and an orange body with tinsel and flashing. This is for fast water, and this fly is heavy. Its’ always a good idea to have a heavy streamer like this in your box when the water is moving fast. Some of this biggest trout I’ve caught have been wrestled out of the rapids on the Deerfield. The fluffier the better with these guys.

I will be offering guided wading trips on the EB and the Deerfield River again starting in October. If anyone wants some more insight on streamer fishing and sight fishing in general visit my site:

Hit me up. I would love to put you on the fish!




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