Tried-and-True Emerger Patterns

I’m reloading the fly boxes with some tried-and-true patterns. Among them are the flashback WD-40 and the Caddis Emerger. I these days make the former in sizes 16 to 20. You can go down to size 32, but I don’t torture myself with that anymore! I add a strip of Krystal Flash and cover the

At the Bench: Frenchies, Perdigones, and Soft Hackles

At the bench. Holiday gift for @arkautza. #flytying #flyfishing #euronymphing #orvis #montanamongoose #stonfo #barbless A post shared by BlogFlyFishMA (@blogflyfishma) on Dec 15, 2016 at 1:54am PST I’m sending some flies to Adam for a holiday gift. I asked him what he’d prefer to see. He mentioned he may try tightlining. So, I’ve ginned up

My #1 Fly Recently: a CDC Soft Hackle

One of the best flies for me this summer and fall has been a small, durable and ridiculously easy fly to make. It was the #1 fly during my recent long weekend at the Farmington. When I see BWOs start to pop, this is a fly I put on. View this post on Instagram Not