At the Bench: Frenchies, Perdigones, and Soft Hackles

At the bench. Holiday gift for @arkautza. #flytying #flyfishing #euronymphing #orvis #montanamongoose #stonfo #barbless

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I’m sending some flies to Adam for a holiday gift. I asked him what he’d prefer to see. He mentioned he may try tightlining.

So, I’ve ginned up some nymphs that feature tungsten beads and competition-style barbless hooks, both the jig type and the Czech-nymph style. These hooks are extremely sharp and hold onto fish incredibly well.

The flies may not work well in winter, during which I think SJWs, eggs, scuds and midges are the way to go. They should, however, work from spring to fall, particularly at quiet seams among riffles and runs, as well as pocket water.

Here they are:

Upper left: Frenchies on jig-style hooks. Two of the nymphs feature a forked three-fiber tail. I don’t think the fish care. I was just looking to do something fun. FYI, the Frenchie and the Sexy Walt’s accounted for a majority of my takes this past year. Both are killer flies

Upper right: Simple Perdigón nymphs. I a few months ago started fishing these flies, about which I heard from a competition angler. One such fly duped a 22″ brown trout with a massive kype, a new personal best for me. The flies have worked well. They’re designed to sink quickly to the strike zone. They’re now a permanent part of my flybox rotation

Bottom left: Fluorescent Perdigones. I’ve not yet fished with them. They’re a variant of the popular Rainbow Warrior. I like how these flies glow. These nymphs have some fluorescent material, which some think can be a strike trigger

Bottom right: Soft-hackled emergers. The left one has Hare’s Ear and a Hungarian Partridge feather, two classics. On the right, the segmented body is from a Coq de Leon stem. I had a stem left over and decided to use it. I like trying to be creative with residual material. The soft hackle is from CDC. It’s not easy to turn it into a soft hackle, and it’s not very durable. But, it’s crazy-effective on fish

Happy Holidays, Adam, and am so grateful that you’ve joined the blogging team!


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