The Handmade Angler: Orvis-Endorsed Guide Jay Aylward

Follow Jay on Instagram @handmade_angler. Jay Aylward of The Handmade Angler is arguably the best all around freshwater fly fishing guide in Massachusetts. He is currently the only Orvis-Endorsed freshwater guide in the state. Not only does Jay offer wade and drift boat trips for trout, he also takes clients out for warm-water trips on

Get the Most Out of Your Mop

There’s no denying the effectiveness of the infamous Mop Fly. What other fly has been featured in the Wall Street Journal? “Fake news!” say the purists, and they’re right – literally. We love to theorize what the Mop might represent; crane fly larva, caddis larva, beetle grubs, cigarette butts, Cheetos, the list goes on. If