Cortland Line Ultra Premium Tippet

I’ve long been a fan of Cortland Line and use their materials for my Euronymphing leaders for trout and steelhead (prior posts here, here and here).

And I continue to hear from other trusted anglers that their tippet material is crazy strong. Blog team member Joe Drake wrote about Cortland’s Ultra Premium Fluorocarbon Tippet (post here). With water low and the fish highly pressured last summer, tightliners report that Cortland’s 7x did very well for them.

Cortland Line Ultra Premium

So I did some research and was really impressed with the tensile strength they’re posting vs. the Orvis tippet I normally use. Basically, the Cortland 7x is as strong as another company’s 6x.

The tippet proved its worth during ‘Shu Fest. I often break off fish when I use 7x, but the Cortland stuff stayed true all day during a double-digit outing. That’s the tippet!

Cortland nylon tippet is also stronger. I’m eager to use it for dry flies, and I’ll let you know how I do.

You can order the Ultra Premium tippet here on Amazon to support our fly-fishing charities, Project Healing Waters and Casting for Recovery.


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3 thoughts on “Cortland Line Ultra Premium Tippet

  1. The Cortland UPT has saved me from losing many a fly in a tree branch or deep-water hangup. Nowadays, when I have to break off, I know I deserve it. I have more confidence in its strength and durability than any tippet I have used.

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