George Daniel’s Sculp Snack Euro Streamer

One of my favorite techniques during high water is to fish an all-mono Euro rig with a jig streamer. It doesn’t always work, but when you can identify soft pockets or seams along the bank, there usually are trout willing to eat.

In the video below, noted angler George Daniel explains how an all-mono set-up lets you hold a fly in place while you slowly jig it up and down. I was fortunate to take a clinic with him at UpCountry, have read all of his books, and am a huge fan of his knowledge and his humility.

I’ve noticed that many of George’s ties are “guide” flies: they work and don’t take forever to make. His Sculp Snack streamer below has few materials and is designed to hit the strike zone quickly. With flash, movement, UV, and other strike triggers, it’s his favorite Euro streamer. And, when he says something that declarative, I always pay attention.

Some years ago, I fished a fly like this in black. It didn’t always work, but when it did, the browns were always good-sized. I think I will give it a go in olive, too.


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2 thoughts on “George Daniel’s Sculp Snack Euro Streamer

  1. 100% agreed – great fly also in black with Chartreuse bead head (and 60 degree hook to “swim” it – especially on the dangle).

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