Sunday, Fun Day

I arrived at the river before dawn and felt prepared with my gloves, latex gloves, handwarmers, and winter coat. I wasn’t.

With the wind blowing and two dark snow squalls crossing my paths, I realized I should have worn my neoprene waders. But I slogged on, hitting what I thought were good winter lies with all sorts of nymphs and streamers. These spots have produced for me in the past.

I took a break after a few hours, wolfed down a sandwich, and put on toe warmers, which helped. I fished five spots that hold fish year-round. The water was high, fast, and cold. I hit the banks and slow water with what I thought were sexy looking streamers. I tightlined the medium-fast water with nymphs that normally produce. I even hit a few riffles for good measure. I threw a bobber at slow, dark water. But today it was the giant skunk for me, with not even a single take.

By mid-day, I was done. It was feeling like a day that wasn’t going to be a fruitful one, but I enjoyed the drive and the scenery. A day on the water is a fun day. Plus, I now have time to tie up some new leaders (I make my own using the formulas here).

I hope everyone is having a good Sunday….


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7 thoughts on “Sunday, Fun Day

  1. I took my 10 yr old and 3 of his friends to Walden pond today for nerf gun war/trout fishing. Not a single take with four kids throwing lures and a rod soaking bait. I had hoped for one on bait just to show the kids a fish. But there were empires won and lost in the nerf battle, I got my first of the season, should have put on sunscreen comment from my lovely spouse (For the record, i did and still got pink…it’s been a long winter), and, in spite of the skunk, the kids are excited for the next time we get to go fishing. While I prefer wading streams with a fly rod, every day on the water is a good day, and every day doing it with the kids is as good as it gets.

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