Thank You for Another Great Year!

Thank you for a great 2019!

The blog again posted a profit, and we again gave away 100% of it to charities. We unanimously voted to donate the money 50/50 to Project Healing Waters and Casting for Recovery.

The current blog team (Jamie Carr, Joe Drake, Ashu Rao, Dan Wells, and I) busily wrote quite a few posts, and we tried to cover a variety of interesting topics.

Total cumulative page views now is nearly 800,000, and we now have over 1,100 social-media followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. And, 430+ people subscribe to the blog via email.

Other details.

Over half of our visitors this year were new to the site, which means our reach continues to grow.

Nearly two-thirds of visitors came via search engines. They comprise the best channel of all, as it is automated, defensible, and highly-scalable. For example, when someone types “swift river fishing” into Google, the #1 post that shows up is one of our Swift River guides.

Our audience is mostly male.

Our #1 age cohort is comprised of 25-to-34 year-olds, which bodes well for the future of fly fishing.

In short, thank you again. This blog is for you, and we appreciate the support!

Here’s to a productive and peaceful 2020 for all….


11 thoughts on “Thank You for Another Great Year!

  1. Thanks Jo, Ashu, Joe, Dan, Jamie and all the other contributors ! I look forward to many, many more useful and helpful posts ! You guys are awesome !

  2. I appreciate what you and your fellow writers do here, Jo. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2020. I will still fish a few times this winter, but certainly look forward to warm spring days with mayflies hatching. Only a few months away!

    Best, Sam

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