Videos: Davy Wotton and Kelly Galloup

After listening to an Orvis podcast that featured Davy Wotton, inventor of my favorite knot, the Double Davy, I hit the Internet and stumbled upon some great videos on Amazon Prime.

Wotton has two great videos there, Wet Fly Ways and Midge Magic Fishing. Both are absolutely outstanding, and I learned a ton. He covers all the topics: rig, flies and techniques. Basically, it feels like you’re taking a private clinic with him on the river, as he shows what he does to catch many large fish.

In the same vein, I also then saw Kelly Galloup’s Advanced Streamer Fishing and High Sticking & Reading Water videos. They also were outstanding.

Fly fishing is truly amazing. It offers a life-long ability to learn, expand your skill set and up your game.



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